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Our Identity , Mission, Vision and Goals

CCD is a non-political, non-governmental, non- profit, and non-religious Afghan led local organization which provides services for the socioeconomic inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in Afghanistan. Established in March 2004, initially as a project of Handicap International (HI) running till 2007, CCD was then registered as an independent NGO with the ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

CD believes in the equal rights of all the segments of the Afghan society including the PwDs in all the social, economic, cultural and political aspects. CCD works for Human rights (PwDs rights), Advocacy, Awareness, Education, Livelihood, Capacity building Peace and Democracy promotion, and Rehabilitation. CCD has been supported by local organizations, international organizations and governmental institutions.

CCD is headquartered in Kabul, while it has sub-offices and focal points in different regions of Afghanistan, mainly including Bamyan, Balkh, Herat, Nangarhar, Kapisa, Parwan, Takhar, Daikundi, provinces of Afghanistan

Objectives of CCD

According to the Strategic Plan of CCD, we are committed to deliver the best in our focal thematic areas having in mind specific objectives, some of them are given below:

  • Promoting inclusive democracy, peace, decision making, education, justice, entertainment, and sports among all circles of public and private levels, by and through Afghan PwDs and DPOs.
  • Advocate and ensure the civil and human rights of persons with disabilities in Afghanistan in collaboration and networking with related government departments, donors and other civil society organizations.
  • Build the capacity of DPOs and PwDs and improve the social, cultural and economic situation of persons with disabilities in Afghanistan.


CCD envision suitable, equal and fair Afghan communities, where every individual is empowered, respected and having opportunity to fully
participate in the society and self development.


CCD is striving to ensure equal participation of PwDs especially
women in all aspects of society including social, cultural, political
and economic opportunities by promoting inclusive decision
making, education, justice, democracy, health, entertainment,
and sports.

The pathway for achieving CCD’s vision goes through
empowering the PwDs and Disable People Organization (
improving their lives through capacity building, networking and
advocacy with Government.

Focal Thematic Areas of CCD’s Operations

CCD is a social development organization, and it strives to impact the lives of PwDs and general communities positively through utilizing the limited resources efficiently. The key areas of operations for CCD consist of:

  • Education and Awareness
  • Advocacy & Human rights with emphasis on PwDs rights
  • Livelihood and Income generation
  • Peace building and Democracy
  • Capacity building and Skill development
CCD Geographical Coverage across Afghanistan, through provincial & regional Focal Points and sub-offices
StrategiesTarget Groups
Promote PwDs’ Rights and Women RightsGovernment, Community as a whole (male, female), religious leaders, community Shuras, students (high school, university), youths.
Inclusive Peace BuildingVictims of wars, families / descendent of martyrs, Women Shuras, public Shuras/leaders, religious Shuras, youth, community as a whole, government, Civil society
Training and Capacity Building for CCD, DPOs and PwDsDPOs, NGOs, Associations, Shuras, Foundations, CCD
Provision of Education both civic and basic literacy and Health to PwDsCivic Education: Community as a whole (male, female), religious leaders, students (high school, university), influential individuals and groups.
Basic Literacy: illiterate PwDs in the CCD intervention area
Health: PwDs, health institutions
Vocational Training for PwDs, especially WwDsWomen with Disabilities, male with disabilities, unemployed segments of the population, new graduate of schools and universities.
Development of CCDStaff and organization

Strategy 01: Promote PwDs’ Rights and Women Rights

With this strategy CCD aims to provide awareness and assistance consistent to Human and women rights especially PwDs rights in order to contribute in developing a more aware community on the issues of universal human/women/PwDs rights. 

To achieve the goal CCD will:

● Improve the ability to deliver better services to PwDs, through focusing on fundraising, quality services provision, networking and coordination;
● Improving the ability/capacity of the staff, PwDs and DPOs for the purpose through focusing on the provision of training and resources to relevant staff ;
● Focus on the provision of the services under the strategy to the whole target groups in the CCD intervention area;
● Communicate, Coordinate and interact with rural & urban PwDs through the respective provincial DPOs for identification of PwDs’ rights violations
● Communicate and advocate the rights of PwDs through participatory approach, keeping PwDs and DPOs along.
● Carrying out awareness raising campaigns regarding PwDs and women rights through different tools like awareness sessions, community dialogues, focus groups discussions and media promotion
● Develop awareness raising publications;
● Expand the services to other geographic areas.

Strategy 02 Inclusive Peace Building

With this strategy CCD aims to contribute in the development of more aware and tolerant society in order to decrease the violence and conflicts and improve tolerance and peace in the CCD intervention areas i.e. Afghanistan.

In order to achieve its goal CCD will:

  • Improve the ability of the organization to plan, raise fund, and undertake the relevant intervention in the target areas through focusing on identification of target areas and donors.
  • Work with remote provincial DPOs, PwDs and community people to include the voices of rural population (PwDs, victims of wars, families of martyrs etc.)
  • Develop the capacity of the staff  and develop the training and awareness raising materials;
  • Work with relevant government authorities, community groups and act as a bridge between peace building stakeholders.
  • Focus on networking and coordination with local and regional stakeholders;
  • Develop the capacity  of the peace department to deploy  the strategy;
  • Expand the services.

Strategy 03 Training and Capacity building of CCD, DPOs

With this strategy CCD aims to contribute in the human capacity development in its intervention areas. To achieve the goal CCD will focus on:

  • Improving and developing  CCD’s and DPOs training capacity through building the capacity of the CCD staff, designing training materials, and conduction of trainings/refreshers;
  • Developing the systems for conducting quality training through developing quality assurance and training database systems;
  • Establishing training networks and raising fund for training and capacity building;
  • Identifying the needed training to sharpen the needed skills;
  •  Developing and conducting custom training for women working in different organizations.

Strategy 04 Provision of Education (Civic & Literacy) and basic health

With this strategy CCD aims to raise the awareness at grass root level through civic education and enable the illiterate individuals to read, write and conduct basic mathematic calculations. Furthermore, provision of health services is a big challenge for PwDs, CCD is striving to work with national and international actors in this regard. To achieve the goal CCD will focus on:

  • Developing civic education material regarding fundamental issues of Afghan society;
  • Identify and train community based trainers to conduct civic education at grass root levels in the community;
  • Establish a network of civic education in the communities;
  • Work with national and international stakeholders to provide basic health facilities accessible to PwDs
  • Advocate, fund and improve the public health facilities for PwDs.
  • Continue and expand the basic literacy and health services to PwDs;
  • Raise funds and expand the services related to basic education and basic health provisions;
  • Improve the quality of the both service

Strategy 05 Vocational Training of PwDs

With this strategy CCD aims to enable the target groups of the strategy to be economically productive and provide the opportunity for skill learning and linking the skilled individuals with market and demand. To achieve the goal CCD will focus on:

  • Identifying the needed and economically productive skills in the context of Afghanistan;
  • Fundraising and implementing vocational trainings;
  • Improving the quality of the trainings;
  • Establishing a network of skilled individuals and link them with market;
  • Establishing skilled individuals associations.

 Strategy 06 Developing CCD

With this strategy CCD aims to make the organization a quality and professional organization that serves the people in a professional, effective and efficient manner. To achieve the goal CCD will focus on:

  • Improving the governance of the organization;
  • Improving the program quality;
  • Improving the staff development approaches and systems;
  • Improving the finance, operation, communication, project/program management, human resource management, and monitoring &evaluation systems of the organization;
  • Raising funds and External relations;
  • Continue the progress and serve the larger population
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