Report on Sensitzation community Workshops

Community Mobilization on the Barriers of Political Participation of PWDs

The above-titled activities were planned to achieve the sensitization of 180 IEC and government
representatives on the barriers and challenges of Political Participation of PwDs in 6 provinces along
with mobilization of 1,800 community people in favour of the political rights and participation of PwDs
in the upcoming elections in 6 provinces
Consultative workshops with the relevant government stakeholders (including IEC officials) were
undertaken by CCD in order to sensitize them with the rights and barriers of PwDs to their political
In each province, CCD organized a one-day information-sharing workshop. A total of 180 (90 female &
90 male) government staff including provincial-level authorities of IEC staff such as the head of IEC and
other IEC officials and other relevant government representatives were targeted in the 6 provinces.
During the workshop, CCD informed the participants (government staff) about the legal, political and
humanitarian rights of PwDs based on nationally approved policies, programs and the National Law on
the Rights & Benefits of Disabled Persons (NLRBDP) as well as the UNCRPD for the equal political
participation of PwDs. At the same time, all barriers and challenges of “Political Participation of PwDs”
were shared and discussed with the government and IEC staff. This workshop was facilitated by CCD
master trainer and training facilitator in centre of each province. CCD Community Mobilizers were
responsible and tasked for coordination and invitation of the participants.

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