Activity Report on National Conference

National Conference on Findings of the Project Titled “Promoting Inclusive Democracy and Disability Rights in Afghanistan”

CCD conducted a 2-day national conference with participation of 100 (50 female and 50 male)
persons including high government officials, CSOs, DPOs, PwDs and Media representatives in
Kabul. The main participants of the 2-day national conference were 36 (18 female & 18 male)
members of DPOs, CSOs and government representatives (provincial level) of 6 provinces (6 each
(3 female & 3 male)). The rest of the participants of the national conference were from Kabul 64 (40
high-level government officials & 24 members of Kabul based CSOs and DPOs). 50% of the
participants were female. The high-level officials of the central government included
representatives from the Presidential office, Ministries, Commissioner’s office, security department;
Kabul based CSOs, DPOs, Media and PwDs activists.
The first day sees a conference with participation of 36 provincial delegates and 24 (12 female & 12
male) members of Kabul based disability-focused CSOs, DPOs and PwDs. In the first day of the national
conference, these 36 provincial delegated with 24 members of Kabul based CSOs/DPOs exchanged
information and consulted with each other to compile the consolidated findings, barriers,
recommendations and solutions which they have gathered during the provincial level
consultations and workshop. A compiled report of disability political barriers and
recommendations included as well the action plans for each targeted provinces developed in the
format of “Disability Political Resolution” and presented for the high authorities of the central
government during the second day of the national conference. During the second day national
conference in Kabul, the above mentioned 40 government officials added and met the provincial
delegates and representatives of Kabul based CSOs. The main purpose of the second-day national
conference was to share the result of findings and challenges of PwDs in the elections with the
representatives of the central government. In addition, the Kabul national conference was a good
opportunity to disseminate the report to key stakeholders, including media and national
In addition, during the second day of the conference, the members of provincial working groups
introduced and linked with the Kabul based government representatives, IEC members, CSOs,
DPOs and other stakeholders to follow up evidence-based advocacy initiatives and actions for
inclusion and mainstreaming of disability issues in the democratic process of Afghanistan.The goal
of the national conference was to bring together lessons learned gathered during the project and
influence the central government to bring changes in other provinces in future.

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