Awareness about Covid-19 & eliminating violence

Awareness about Covid-19 & eliminating violence against women (WwDs) for PWDs, and Acting as Aid Office to the Women as Victims of Violence

Activity Details

  • Awareness sessions were conducted by the Community Center for the Disabled (CCD) in Kabul
    for women with disabilities (WwDs) regarding Covid-19 Corona Virus and prevention of
    violence against women with disabilities.
  • The total numbers of participants were 100 PWDs and the session took two hours.
  • The awareness sessions went on with the following details:
  • First of all CCD Director (Mr Hamid Azizi) were starting the sessions with the introduction to CCD, the project and Donor (UNDEF), he further highlighted the objectives of the awareness session. Mr Azizi provided the participants with all the information and support contact details to women with disabilities if in case anyone needs support against Covid-19 and/or emergency shelter and support when faced with violence.
  • Then Ms Khairia Maryal (CCD facilitator & M&E officer) started the presentation on information regarding Coronavirus. The main areas she discussed are as follow:
  • What is Covid-19 coronavirus
  • What are the symptoms of Coronavirus
  • How coronavirus spreads
  • What are the WHO safety tips for safety
  • What to do if you have coronavirus infection
  • Afterwards, Ms. Tahmina Akakhil (Program & Advocacy officer CCD) started the a presentation about Gender-Based Violence & VAW in lockdown situation in families. She talked about:
  • What is Violence Against Women
  • What are the factors that lead to violence against women in lockdown situation?
  • Types of Violence against women domestically
  • How to prevent violence against women (especially in lockdown situation)
  • What to do if experience violence
  • Information about active numbers to take refuge/support or get response/advice for Violence against women cases.
  • At the end of the sessions, Coronavirus safety kits were disturbed among the participants
  • and their feedback were taken. The safety kit included hand-wash soaps, face-masks, gloves, disinfectant and informatory brochure.

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