Disability Political Resolution

The output of consultative Disability Conference by CCD in Kabul

CCD conducted a 2-day national conference with participation of 100 (50 female and 50 male)
persons including high government officials, CSOs, DPOs, PwDs and Media representatives in
Kabul. The main participants of the 2-day national conference were 36 (18 female & 18 male)
members of DPOs, CSOs and government representatives (provincial level) of 6 provinces (6
each (3 female & 3 male)). The rest of the participants of national conference were from Kabul
64 (40 high level government officials & 24 members of Kabul based CSOs and DPOs). 50% of
the participants were female. The high level officials of the central government were include
representatives from Presidential office, Ministries, Commissioner’s office, security
department; Kabul based CSOs, DPOs, Media and PwDs activists.

Conference Day-1, Discussion Topics for Groups to deduce Recommendations / Suggestions
for Disability Resolution
Group work was the core activity on the first day of the conference, where the participants were divided
into groups and were asked to discuss in the light of their experience in the project activities. Before the
group work, project presentation was played for the participants with brief explanation from the
facilitator (Abdul Malik Wafa and Shahab) in order to refresh the project components and objectives.
Facilitator undertook the group work through participatory approach and in the best way possible to get
the effective results i.e. Listing of Issues / Recommendations / Suggestions regarding the Democratic
and human rights of PwDs in Afghanistan.
The Issues / Recommendations / Suggestions were compiled in the form of a document for the
proposed Disability Political Resolution on the second day, to be shared and discussed with the panel of
related government officials.

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